Silent Messages

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Silent Messages is my first on line class that I created as part of 21 Secrets, and group class project that I was part of along with 20 other instructors. Now, I’m happy to offer the class on it’s own!! In the class, I share a technique I use to art journal without words. (or at least without journaling) I share a specific technique using Creative Paperclay® to create unique texture on your page. With this technique, you will be armed with a journaling and artistic freedom.  There are moments when writing can mean sharing too much, and suddenly, it’s like someone found the key to your locked  diary, and read it in class. Learn to use texture  and imagery to capture and express your feelings in a way  only YOU can read. Art and Art journaling isn’t really about what you write!

As part of the class package, you’ll receive the following:

  • Access to password protected video.
  • Unlimited time to get through the class!! At this time, there is no “end date” for the class. Time to complete the class will be up to you, but I created the class with a weekend/long afternoon time frame in mind.
  • Instructional videos (non downloadable) that you can access at your leisure!
  • Space to ask questions within the class, and any additional input you might need from me through a classroom forum.



Here are a few things some of my students from 21 Secrets had to say about the class.

“Your workshop resonated with me as a few years ago I was in a relationship where I didn’t have any room for myself. I remember this one incident where I felt like I had to share my journal and with good intention from the other party “contsructive” criticism was given. I have not been able to produce anything since then. Thank you for sharing a human truth – that it’s ok for me to have a little of me.
With love, Meenu”

“Thanks so much for this wonderful class, Rachel ! I had fun exploring this new technique and it really made me think for a while about how ART journals don’t need much of writing.. it really helped freeing me even more” ~Regina Hong

“After that wonderful video I’m definitely going to find me some paperclay (I’m in the UK). Even if I have to pay over the odds to have it sent from the US, it will be worth it. Absolutely lovely journal page, I can’t wait to try this technique. Thank you so much Rachel.” ~Dee Champion

“This is the first workshop that I have viewed. Something in the name “Silent Messages” spoke to me. What a wonderful technique. I can’t wait to give it a go tomorrow. This was worth the price of the workshop in and of itself. Thanks for participating in teaching these classes. Great job on your videos.” ~Jo Z


  • Heavy Cardstock.
  • Creative Paperclay®
  • Acrylic Paints (I use Art Deco paints from WalMart.) Colors of your choice, and one black or dark brown.
  • Stamps, Texture Plates, Found Objects for creating texture in your clay
  • Water
  • 220 Grit Sandpaper
  • Paint brushes
  • A rag for mopping up and adding texture/wiping paints.

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