Choosing Between College and University

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Deciding on an institution for post-secondary education can be the most overwhelming decision a young person has to face. More mature individuals looking for a career change can also have a hard time deciding where their future lies. While both colleges and universities have countless benefits, there are differences that make them suited to different career goals and life situations.


University is often thought to be the more prestigious option for post-secondary education. The campuses are quite large and very well maintained, and they are often the hosts for large events. University is substantially more expensive than college, but you are able to receive an undergraduate, masters, and graduate degree from the same school if that is what you choose to do. University professors all conduct research in their field, so you will find some unique opportunities to learn in different settings. University programs are very demanding, so they are better suited to academically gifted individuals. Most, if not all, universities offer student housing and work opportunities on campus, so you can have all of your needs met without a travel requirement.


Colleges are essentially universities without graduate programs. Instead, you can get a four-year undergraduate degree. Colleges are quite a bit cheaper than universities and are often smaller in size. This allows more hands-on teaching and instruction, so is better suited to practical career training vs degrees based on theory. Many college programs also offer the opportunity for co-op, so if you need to earn money while attending school, this is the way to do it. College is often said to be easier than university as well, so if school isn’t really your thing but you’d like some extra formal education, college is a good choice for you.

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