Here’s how to really stretch out on the couch

After a long day, there is nothing quite like sinking into the comfort of your couch. But what if this simple pleasure could offer more than just the relaxation that comes from flopping down and stretching out? By incorporating a few deliberate stretches into your couch routine, you can elevate this common ritual to a form of self-care. The three stretches outlined below can help you transform your couch time into a therapeutic experience that provides both immediate relief and long-term benefits. Because these stretches focus on areas of our bodies that we tend to stress most in our everyday lives, addressing them during daily couch time can ease and even prevent chronic aches and pains. Ready to give them a try? Head to your couch and follow the instructions below or practice along with the video above. Stretch 1: Yoga pigeon variation Start by standing just in front of your couch, facing it. Lay your bent right leg on the cushion so your shin is parallel to the couch edge. Step your left leg back, bending your knee down to the floor as you would in a kneeling lunge. You can place a pillow on the floor under your left knee for added comfort. If your right knee is lifted significantly off the couch, you can also slide a pillow under that knee for support. Inhale and lengthen through your torso with a neutral spine. Exhale and hinge from your hips to lean forward as much as you feel comfortable as the intensity of the stretch increases. If you feel OK doing so, you can bend all the way over your bent leg, as in a traditional yoga pigeon pose. Hold the position that feels best for you and take three to five deep breaths. Repeat on the other side. Lower your left knee only as far as you’re comfortable. If you can drop your knee to the floor, go for it. CNN via CNN Newsource You should feel this stretch in your outer hip without any pain in your knee or low back. If you feel any pain sensation, back off immediately and try the modification below. To modify, sit on the couch with both feet on the floor and bring your bent right leg up to place your ankle on your left leg, just above your knee, in a figure-four position. As noted above, lengthen your torso and lean forward to intensify the stretching sensation in your hip. Hold and breathe, then repeat on the other side. Stretch 2: Quad and hip flexor release Standing in front of your couch, facing away from it, step your right foot forward and bend at the knee as you would in a lunge. Using an end table or sofa arm for support, lift your left foot behind you and rest it on top of the couch cushion. Bend your left knee down toward the floor as far as you can. Depending on how tight you feel, adjust the position of your left knee closer to or farther from the couch to increase or decrease the stretch in your quads, the muscles on the front of your upper leg. As in the previous stretch, you can place a pillow on the floor to cushion your knee. Move your right foot forward, knee bent, and lift your left foot behind you and rest it on the couch. Exhale and bring your ribs down and tuck your pelvis under. CNN via CNN Newsource Once you’ve established your position, exhale, bringing your lower ribs down as you tuck your pelvis under. Feel how this positioning intensifies the stretch in your hip flexors, the muscles on the front of your hip. That’s because your largest hip flexor muscle, the psoas major, attaches to your pelvis; when you tuck your pelvis under, that action lengthens the psoas muscle. Holding the couch or an end table for support, you can increase the intensity and area of the stretch to include your side body by inhaling as you lift your left arm overhead and exhaling as you side bend to the right. Stay in the stretch, side bending with your pelvis tucked, for three to five breaths. Repeat on the other side. If necessary, you can modify and decrease intensity by moving farther away from the couch, keeping your back knee above the floor, and not incorporating the side bend. Stretch 3: Hamstring stretch with a twist While standing, facing your couch, bend into a semi-squat position with your knees just above 90 degrees. Place your left forearm down on the couch, centered and perpendicular to your torso. Reach your right arm forward and inhale as you rotate from your shoulder and the middle of your back to bring your arm above your head with both shoulders aligned vertically. At the same time, straighten your right leg only — leaving your left leg bent. You should feel a stretch in your chest, front of your shoulder, low back and hamstrings (muscles on the back of your upper leg). Hold this position for three to five breaths, then repeat on the other side. Place your left forearm down on couch. Bending the knees in a semi-squat, reach your right arm forward. Inhale as you rotate your arm up. CNN via CNN Newsource This is actually a modified version of a windmill twist — a stretch that I recommend everyone should do daily. To do a full windmill twist without using your couch, follow the same cues above but instead of placing your left forearm on your couch, place your left hand on your left shin. Incorporating intentional stretching into your couch routine isn’t just about momentarily easing tension; it’s an investment in your overall well-being and future comfort. So, the next time you’re tempted to mindlessly flop on to the cushions, pause and consider these simple yet effective stretches. Your body will thank you for the extra care and attention. 

Peek inside Seth Rogen’s $2.3M penthouse up for sale in Vancouver

A penthouse belonging to one of Vancouver’s biggest homegrown celebrities has been put up for sale, allowing the public a rare peek inside. An online listing for the loft apartment – located at 1178 Hamilton Street, in the city’s Yaletown neighbourhood – identifies the owner as Seth Rogen, star of “The Long Shot,” “Pineapple Express” and, more recently, “Dumb Money.” The single-floor penthouse is 1,463 square feet, which includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sizable walk-in closet, and has an asking price of $2.29 million. (Credit: Patti Martin Real Estate Group and Adina Dragasanu PREC) Listing pictures show off the home’s nearly 12-foot-tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, and timber beams, plus a kitchen boasting a “professional-grade Viking appliance suite, tailored for the culinary aficionado.” “It’s just a beautiful space in a fabulous location,” said Realtor Patti Martin, who is representing the famous funnyman in the sale. (Credit: Patti Martin Real Estate Group and Adina Dragasanu PREC) It’s unclear why Rogen – who has recently become a pottery designer, on top of his work as an actor, filmmaker and cannabis entrepreneur – is selling the property. Martin said she helped Rogen purchase the home with his wife Lauren Miller back in 2010 “so they had a place to come to” back in Vancouver, but she couldn’t divulge anything about their reasons for leaving it behind. The Realtor said she does understand the public’s curiosity about the sale. (Credit: Patti Martin Real Estate Group and Adina Dragasanu PREC) “People are interested because he’s such a neat guy, and such a good representation of a good Canadian,” Martin said. The penthouse is located in The Hamilton building, which was built in 1996. According to the listing, the successful buyer will have to pay $1,084 in monthly fees, which cover the costs of the building’s caretaker, gardening and other expenses.

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4 Decorating Tips Everyone Can Use

Even when you are lucky enough to start with an empty room, it can be overwhelming to design an interior that you can enjoy for years to come. Following some basic interior design principles, you can transform your space into a relaxing room you will be comfortable and happy with. Decide what your focal point will be and build out from there.  For best results, keep proportion and scale in mind as you decorate as well as these tips!

 Deciding on Your Focal Point
Do you have a magnificent bay window with an incredible view?  Is there an ornate mantle that is the reason you fell in love with your home? Or is there something you absolutely MUST HAVE in the room? Situate your furniture around your chosen focal point to create balance and equilibrium. If your room does not already have an existing focal point, create one with oversized art or add an accent point like a free-standing fireplace, they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Symmetrically balance the room evenly so that both sides mirror one another.  This will help your chosen focal point stand out all the more! Use matching accent tables to flank your sofa or use different pieces of furniture to create a copacetic visual impact, like two similar armchairs to balance a sofa.
Repetition for Rhythm
Rhythm creates a flow and helps direct the eye to the differing visual elements in your room. Just as the notes of a favorite song repeat to create the rhythm, repetition in decor will create a rhythm throughout a home. Establish visual interests with a rhythm throughout your space by placing similar colours or patterns at intervals and repeat in artwork, cushions or area rugs.

Perfect Proportion and Suitable Scaling
Who doesn’t love a large, overstuffed chair? But if your room is on the smaller size it may look out of place and make your room seem even smaller than it is. Keep proportion in perspective. Proportion is the ratio between a piece of furniture and the size of a room. Scale is the size of a piece of furniture in relation to the other pieces of furniture in the room. A super large chair will overpower an apartment of loft size sofa or loveseat and create a sense of unbalance in the room.

Have your room humming harmoniously
Creating harmony will enhance how much you will continue to love your finished. Pull the room with a subdued colour palette for a pleasing, harmonious vibe.   together for a pleasing, harmonious look with a subdued color palette. You can also use a single colour for elements that vary in size and shape. Check out our blog on Doing White on White Right! for more tips!

What is the focal point in your room?  What is your best tip to find harmony and balance through your home?

5 Tips to Magnificent Mirrors

Mirrors are a handy decor tool, but did you know they also serve clever purposes? From making your space feel larger and lighter to providing an opportunity for guests to check themselves; mirrors can be found in more than just the bathroom.

You know that feeling when you finally get a chance to move into your first apartment and have total control over how it looks? The only downside is there are so many design decisions. It can actually be overwhelming! Well, fear not because we’re here with some of our favourite tips for hanging mirrors in an easy way.

I’m always getting mixed up when it comes to how high I should hang my mirrors. It’s not like they’re wall art, right? Ha! No one knows what height is best for them because everyone has different needs and preferences in their space. For example, if you have a tall piece of furniture like the chest over there (points) then 4-6 inches below that will be perfect so people can still see themselves while they walk by or look at anything on top of the chest without feeling uncomfortably close to a mirror hanging too low above them – but keep in mind this may vary depending on where most people are sitting around your room; such as with an end table next to your couch or chair.

There are two easy ways to introduce more natural light into your living room or bedroom – strategically place mirrors. Consider the angle of the sun and hang a mirror opposite south-facing windows, east-facing windows, or on both walls if you want even more sunlight shining through!
Coming or going, guests are certain to check their reflection in your mirror when they enter. Add a well-placed console table with some seating for comfort and style without sacrificing space of the entryway!

Make sure you mount hardware properly to keep mirrors safe. There’s nothing as tempting as adding wire to the back of a mirror, but each D-hook or keyhole mount on the back should attach to its own hook for safety and stability.

Finding a mirror that fits your space’s aesthetic can help you achieve the perfect cohesive design style. Whether it’s windowpane pattern in your modern farmhouse bedroom, wood frames for spaces with rustic style and organic shapes for mid-century homes or even textured glass to match an industrial loft – each one will make sure everything feels like it belongs together.

If finding the right frame is difficult consider how important light reflection is when choosing which type of mirrors are best suited to be placed on top of furniture such as dressers or side tables: if you want all reflections visible choose mirrored ones; If displaying decorative items atop then opt instead for framed options so they don’t get blocked out by glare from any nearby windows.
You don’t have to limit the use of mirrors to indoors.  Using old mirrored shower doors or adding shutters to a wood framed mirror can enhance your outdoor spaces and make your garden appear bigger and more lush!

Have you gotten creative with mirrors?  Share your ideas below!

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