Choosing Where to Stay When Travelling

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When traveling domestically or internationally, choosing a place to stay is the most important element of your travel planning. Every destination has a variety of motels, hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and more to choose from. So how do you choose which type of place to stay in?


Hotels are the most common choice and can be an independent establishment or apart of a national or international chain. A hotel offers the same amenities as your home, such as a kitchenette, shower, living area, etc., but they sometimes include a spa, pool, gym, and even a restaurant depending on the location and rating. Hotels often have large conference rooms and ballrooms for hosting conferences and events. They are most likely located in the downtown areas, offering great proximity to entertainment with easy access to transportation and other amenities. Hotels are a good choice for short and long-term stays.


A motel is designed for short-term stays. They are much more affordable than hotels but don’t offer the same amenities as a hotel. You typically only have one small room and a small bathroom. They operate with less staff and are typically located next to major highways, making them ideal for truckers and other travelers needing an affordable place to sleep for one night. Motels are most commonly only one story, sometimes two, unlike other options such as hotels and resorts that can have 6 or more stories. Motels sometimes offer simple amenities like a public pool and free Wi-Fi access as well. Motels usually offer free breakfast in the morning, though there is less choice and usually no hot food offered, unlike a hotel. Motels are also less safe than other choices since the door to your room is easily accessible by anyone.


An inn is similar to both motels and hotels. Inns are typically older, large homes that have been converted to accommodate guests. They usually don’t have the same capacity for guests as a motel or hotel and are less luxurious with fewer amenities. They are similar to bed and breakfasts in that they’re located in more rural areas and are quite quaint in style and décor. They provide long and short-term lodging at very reasonable rights. They may offer food options, though limited, but you’ll most likely prefer to try out local restaurants instead. Inns are not rated with the 5-star system that hotels and motels are since they are much rarer and typically independently owned and operated. Inns offer a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere than the more commercialized lodging options and there is an abundance of culture to enjoy.

White Concrete Inn Near Green Covered Mountain at Daytime

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