Different Types of Glass

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Float Glass

Float glass has a high degree of light transmission and is the simplest type of glass available. It often serves as a base for laminated, toughened, or coated glass. It is the most affordable glass and comes in a variety of colours and opacities. This glass can be used for smaller windows, splashbacks, ornaments, doors, display cases, and greenhouse glass.


Tinted Glass

To create tinted glass, colour is added that achieves a darker tint that can be adjusted based on your needs. The additives actually change the colour of the glass, though the resulting tint depends on the thickness of the glass. This type of glass is commonly used for privacy, aesthetic, or climate control purposes. Tinted glass is often used for roofing, vehicles, shower screens, external windows, and partition walls.


Coated Glass

Coated glass is two panes of glass paired together with a thin space in the middle for insulation. An additional surface coating makes the glass more scratch-resistant and alters the appearance of the glass. This glass is popular because it is more energy-efficient and improves thermal insulation. This glass is found in external windows and doors. This glass is more expensive and sits roughly in the middle of the price scale.

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Toughened Glass

Also known as tempered glass, the glass is strengthened using a thermal tempering process to make it the ideal safety glass that can withstand force and extreme temperatures. Toughened glass is featured in glass doors, tabletops, worktops, shelving, splashbacks, shower screens, and more.


Obscured Glass

Obscured glass is either patterned or frosted for privacy or aesthetic purposes. It is available in a variety of textures and allows light to pass through without being completely see-through. This glass is commonly installed in both residential and commercial areas including internal and external doors, internal walls, bathroom windows, and shower screens.

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