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The Federal Trade Commission requires me as a blogger, to include a disclosure about whether or not I make money or am otherwise compensated from blog posts about products.

This site is my personal site. I share links and talk about products and companies that I:
A. Own
B. Like
C. Find useful
D. Wish I owned
E. Want to support, such as items from small businesses that I notice regardless of compensation.

What you will NOT find here:
A. Advertisement for the sake of making money with no regard to the actual product.
B. Ads for items that I wouldn’t recommend to family and friends.
C. Reviews for items that do not align with our family values.

As a blogger with integrity, I will never blog for compensation (money, free items, etc) without letting you know that I received the compensation within that post. I will always be honest in all reviews both positive and negative, as well. This is true whether I am compensated or not. If you ever read a post that does not state that I was compensated, know that I am simply sharing something I love.