Feeling Fresh

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Over the last Winter, I kind of started to stray from eating fresh and local. It’s harder in the Winter. I know this, but in the last month, I have started milking my goats. Yesterday, I made cheese with their milk, and I made Granola. It’s funny how smells can transport you back to a different time. The instant I started mixing the dry ingredients of the Granola, I was instantly sitting on the counter with my mom in the kitchen I grew up in. Making granola. This morning, I had granola for breakfast, with strawberries from a Big Lick Farms, and fresh banana.

Later on, I had a salad with vine ripened tomatoes, avacado and some of that cheese I made.

It made me excited about eating fresh, and eating locally. It made me excited for summer, and the time when most of what we eat will have come from our own garden, or the gardens of people we know. It made me feel FRESH.

  1. A Magical Whimsy


    May 20, 2013 at 5:48 am

    Oh! Rachel, you are making my mouth water. You are so lucky to have fresh goat’s milk there is just nothing like it. And the cheese you made sounds and looks incredible. Yum!!!

    Sounds like you are having a lovely Spring!


    Teresa in California


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