New Technology for Couriers

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The courier industry is reaching new technological heights that improve productivity, delivery times, and the customer experience. We’ve seen astounding innovations in the courier space in recent years, and here are some of the top new technologies benefiting couriers, businesses, and customers.


Unmanned delivery systems are being hailed as the future of delivery services, with tech giants like Amazon soon able to use it to its full advantage. Particularly for emergency services and overnight delivery demands, drones are a spectacular help for efficiency in the courier industry.

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Shared Fulfilment Centers

These shared centers are part of the reason that same-day deliveries are now possible. Numerous companies can share the storage space to adapt their supply chains as needed so couriers can deliver packages in significantly less time than was previously possible.

Digital Tracking Technology

For improved tracking of deliveries and parcels, many courier companies use digital tracking software that relies on things like QR codes and RFID tags, among others, to track your packages seamlessly across cities, provinces, and countries. These codes improve the productivity, efficiency, and reliability of short and long-distance deliveries. These technologies can also help automate the process since a computer can scan the codes rather than an employee. Digital tracking is the future of inventory and parcel tracking agendas since it is so much faster than traditional methods. Plus, it allows customers to constantly track their deliveries from their computer or smartphone.

Point of sales Devices

Point of sale devices allow courier companies to pick up and drop off parcels on the go and on-demand. Unlike the postal service, which relies on customers bringing packages to their brick-and-mortar locations, a courier can enter your package into the database with their handheld devices and be on the move as soon as possible. The convenience for customers and efficiency for couriers are the two main benefits of these devices.

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