Pros and Cons of a Finished Basement

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It’s hard to say whether finished or unfinished basements are more common. As new residential subdivisions continue to be built, it is rare that these homes will end up with finished basements, as there simply isn’t enough time for the builders to put in the extra work. Instead, you are left with bare bones and only the most basic necessities you’d need to finish the project (like electrical and plumbing work). To decide whether it’s better for you to leave a basement unfinished or put in the work to make it a livable space, check out the pros and cons below.

Finished Basement


  • The space will be connected to the HVAC system, so will be as comfortable temperature-wise as the rest of the house (no freezing feet any time of year)
  • Finishing the basement will add a lot of value to your home when it comes time for you to sell it, as the extra living space will be appreciated, especially in smaller homes


  • You need to invest a lot of money to finish the basement
  • Since it will resell for a higher amount, you may have a bit more difficulty finding someone with the budget to purchase your home in downturned markets
  • If it isn’t finished correctly, the basement could develop moisture problems; this creates mold and can turn into a big (and expensive) problem later on. Plus, it may get so bad you have structural damage to contend with

Unfinished Basement


  • This is a great storage space for holiday items, boxes, and anything else you don’t have room for in the rest of the house
  • You won’t have to invest as much time in cleaning this area of the house since it isn’t a livable space and won’t be frequented by you or your guests


  • An unfinished basement results in lower overall house value (which may be an issue during resale)
  • Some unfinished basements are never waterproofed fully, so you may have issues with leaks, mold, and other damage

If you’re interested in finishing your basement, check out Collaboration Homes for some more information.

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