Raising Goats Naturally, a review

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Whether she knows it or not… (well. She will now. I’m saying it on the Interwebs) Deborah Niemann is my goat mentor. She has provided me with invaluable information about goats through her on line Nigerain Dwarf Dairy Goat ning group, and personally answered MANY questions I have had as I learned my way to becoming a bonafide herd owner. Deborah has already authored several books on sustainable farming, but now, she has compiled her years of personal experience and research into natural herd management into a new book, Raising Goats Naturally: the complete guide to milk, meat and more.  So basically, the wealth of knowlege that Deborah is, has been put into book form.

I was so excited and honored when she asked me if I would review her book! Raising Goats Naturally is a great book for the herdsman looking for solid, well researched information about raising goats without the abuse of chemicals and other traditionally accepted methods of herd management. Using common sense, personal experience, and LOTS of research into a natural approach to herd management, Deborah helps her readers understand that good herd management translates into a herd that doesn’t NEED conventional methods to thrive. Deborah helps you understand that herd management is NOT a cookie cutter system. She shares different views and solutions to the same problems, so that her readers can take the information that will work for THEIR herd, and use it.

In other books I have read on goats and their management and care, the author is usually quick to tell their readers to take an animal to the vet for care at the slightest sign of illness or problems. This approach is not helpful when you are trying to raise a herd of goats, and cannot afford to be taking a goat to the vet at the drop of a hat. Not to mention, that in some areas, finding a knowledgeable Caprine vet is not easy, or in some cases even possible. For those of us that need MORE than the automatic “ask a vet” response to minor issues, I appreciate that Deborah shares information about causes of certain ailments, and helps you make a better informed decision to consult a vet or not.

If you know nothing about goats, and are looking for a great all around herd management book, this is a great book for you. If you already own goats, and know a lot about them, there is always something NEW to learn, and this book has it. It’s up to date, practical application to living with goats, and managing your herd naturally. From birthing, to milking, to meat, and more. I will be keeping this book for reference in all my future management questions. I’ll be recommending it to anyone buying goats from my farm.

As a new goat owner, I found Deborah’s knowledge and information to be a breath of fresh air. She provided me with solid information, and shared research to back it. As I grew into a more experienced owner, I knew that when I needed information, or had a new question, I could count on reliable, well founded help from Deborah. With her new book, I feel like I have all of that learning and growing wrapped up and printed in a BOOK. On top of that, I learned things I didn’t already know, and I’m excited to use the book to try my hand at a few cheeses, soaps and other things I haven’t done with my goats yet.

Holy Moly! Seeing them all together, I realized today: I have a HERD!!

The best part, is that I’ll be doing it naturally. Who knows!? I may even convert to GOAT’S MILK CREAMER! Because I have to say… Deborah’s recipe makes it look PRETTY easy, and maybe even tasty enough for me to give up my beloved not-far-away-from-being-made-of-plastic creamer. From kidding, to milking, to what to look for in an udder and why, to butchering, to yes… CREAMER. It’s all here. Deborah’s book is truly one of the most COMPLETE books on goats I have ever read. (and I’ve read a lot of them)


In exchange for the writing of my review, good or otherwise, I was given Raising Goats Naturally at no charge to myself.

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