The Benefits of a Courier Service

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You browse for an hour or two; you hit order; you immediately check the status of your order even though it’s only been three seconds; you wait a few hours or a day to receive shipping information; your package is set to arrive in 24-48 hours; excitement fills you and you count down the minutes until it arrives; you get an email the next day that your package has been delayed but it’s still on the way; it sucks, but you resign yourself to waiting a little longer; you get a new delivery date and the excitement grows once more; the day comes but there’s no package; you wait two more days but there’s no delivery; you contact customer service and it turns out they lost your package somewhere in Manitoba, do you want a refund? Tragic disappointment. Sound familiar?

You don’t have to put up with this heart-wrenching cycle when you use a courier service for your packages and deliveries. A courier is better than the postal service, and here’s why:

  • You can say goodbye to going to the postal service to drop off packages. The courier will come straight to your door so you can focus on the important tasks of the day; no more wasted time driving back and forth
  • Couriers have online management tools so you can schedule pickup and delivery times, meaning you’ll never come home to a notice on the door that you missed the delivery and can go pick up your package yourself at a later time
  • Fast delivery is guaranteed, and you can even choose same-day delivery if you’re in a big rush. There are also urgent delivery options that will get your package from Point A to Point B in a few hours or less
  • Your packages are safe and won’t be lost or mishandled in any way. Whether you’re sending a small envelope or multiple packages, your parcels will be handled professionally and securely during transit
  • You can ask for a refrigerated truck or a special medical specimen transport for your sensitive deliveries that require extra care

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