The Different Types of Memorials

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When it comes to commemorating a loved one, there are many options to choose from, from upright headstones to benches to plaques to flat grave markers. Since you’ll be suffering from extreme grief and mourning when the time comes to bury a family member or friend, knowing the different types of memorials beforehand can help simplify and speed up the funeral arrangements, making them easier to bear.

The two main types of burial markers are raised headstones and flat grave markers. The grave markers are most often granite stone with a bronze plaque installed on top. These types of markers can be large or small and come in a variety of styles. They can be flush with the ground or raised above the grave. Headstones, on the other hand, sit upright and can either have a plaque or be engraved with the deceased’s identification information. Upright headstones are certainly the more popular choice and are what we envision most often when we imagine a cemetery or grave marker. These grave markers are available in dozens of sizes, shapes, colours, and styles for personalization. Headstones can also be slanted and squarer if that variation appeals to you.

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Other types of memorials include monuments, which often feature tall stone pillars and other sculptures and engravings, such as we see with war memorials of fallen soldiers. Other memorial options include plaques, benches, and statues, though these are less commonly found in cemeteries.

No matter which type of memorial you choose, you have the option of engraving the stone or adding a plaque with inscriptions. Most grave markers include either all or a combination of the below information:

  • Date of birth and date of death
  • Name of the deceased
  • Words of identification such as husband, daughter, friend, or mother
  • Religious, philosophical, or personal saying

Memorials are intended to be very personal and are custom made for each grave that they are destined to reside over. Trusting a specialist such as Edmonton Granite is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing a high-quality, lasting tribute to your family member or close friend.


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