Tips for Looking Young Longer

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No one likes getting older. We all want to remain young for as long as possible, but your body doesn’t understand that wrinkles and sagging skin aren’t acceptable. If your aging is getting you down, there are many ways to boost that youthful appearance and bring back that glow. Here are some tips and tricks for looking younger as long as possible:

  1. Choose warm tones when dying your hair such as browns and golds
  2. Choose a lip liner that matches your natural colour and use it to make your lips appear fuller
  3. Since the neck is one of the first places that shows aging, don’t forget to apply sunscreen there as well – most people forget the neck
  4. An acid peel with both glycolic and salicylic acid used twice a week will help thicken your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines or pigmentation
  5. Steer clear of thin eyebrows and opt for a thicker, bolder brow instead. If you need to, use a filler to fill in any gaps for a fuller appearance
  6. To achieve a healthy, younger glow in the face, use a blush that has a peach/pink colour tone with a subtle golden shimmer
  7. Invest early in a Clarisonic device that is more capable of cleansing deeply, and stick to a skin care routine that includes a good moisturizer
  8. Every night, apply a vitamin A derivative that will smooth your skin, encourage skin cell production, unclog pores, and more
  9. Before applying makeup, focus on the undereye to reduce puffiness or darkness that makes your face appear older
  10. Try a laser therapy to even out skin tone and reduce pigmentation caused by sunspots or others
  11. Movement is key. Intense workouts boost your metabolism and help slow down aging, helping you maintain a younger appearance for longer
  12. Try hyaluronic acid fillers in the cheeks, mouth, and forehead since they hydrate the skin from within. As an added bonus, they will stimulate collagen production
  13. Try Botox and/or microneedling at a medical spa

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