Types of Courier Services to Consider

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While standard postal services are more than adequate for many shipping and delivery needs, there are some services better left to couriers. Private companies make their own schedules, run their own operations, and can optimize the delivery process in ways that postal services just cannot match. Check out the different types of courier services you can hire for your business or personal needs.

Same-Day Services

Same-day courier services are beneficial when you have an item that needs to be delivered to another location as soon as possible. Depending on the courier you choose, your package may take several hours to arrive at its destination, or a driver may be dispatched to your job immediately, cutting down on delays significantly. You can use same day delivery services for letters/messages, individual parcels, or even larger shipments of multiple boxes. If it can fit in the vehicle, you can have it delivered to its destination the same day it is picked up by the courier. Most couriers will have drivers, bikers, and walkers, to get your package to its destination as fast as possible.


Scheduled Delivery Services

Scheduled delivery services are useful when you have recurring deliveries to or from your location. The benefit of hiring a courier for this service is that you can rely on them to be there as scheduled without ever needing to call and set it up. After you hire them once and give them the details of your delivery schedule, they will take care of dispatch. Whether you have daily, weekly, or monthly deliveries that need to be taken care of, courier services are the best for the job. Some companies will even offer mail runs, so you don’t need to rely on postal services.

Next Flight Out Services

Next flight out courier services are the go-to for cross-country deliveries. The courier will pick up the package(s) from your location, deliver the shipment to the airline, work with the airline to ensure that all necessary conditions are met for delivery on the soonest available flight, and then another courier will pick up the package from the airport to deliver it to its final destination. Whether your shipments are time sensitive, temperature sensitive, or require extra levels of security, a courier service is the ideal way to get the delivery made safely and on time, anywhere in the country. Many couriers will even work evenings, weekends, and holidays to guarantee our deliveries are made as fast as possible.

Financial Courier Services

Financial courier services are invaluable to busy businesses. Whether you have required bank deposit days or not, hiring a courier service to manage your bank runs for you can save a lot of time and company money. Courier services can pick up your bank deposits, bring them to the bank, and return with a deposit slip the same day. Most companies will offer this service in two ways. The first is an on-call basis. If you don’t have regular, scheduled deposit times, you can simply place a request for the next available courier to come and take care of the deposit. If your deposits are due at a specified time each day, week, or month, you can hire a courier service on a scheduled basis as well. Some companies can even take care of cheque certifications for you, to save you a trip to the bank for that purpose as well.

Legal Courier Services

There are many uses for legal courier services. Businesses may hire legal courier services on a one-off basis, and others will need legal courier services regularly. Many courier services have a few employees stationed at the courthouse to ensure that all requests are completed in a timely manner. Court filings can be done by couriers, as well as many types of searches. If you need court searches, litigation searches, writ of execution services, or corporate/business searches, a courier service can get the job done for you. Couriers can also take care of land titles services, including land titles searches, personal property searches, and they will even pick up and/or delivery the documentation for a purchase or sale of a property. Believe it or not, those aren’t all of the legal services a courier can offer. Crown prosecution services are also a possibility. This entails picking up disclosure and dropping off documents for a Crown prosecutor. No matter what legal courier services are needed, there is a company to help you out.

Hot Shot Services

Hot shot delivery services are a broad category of services that are utilized when urgency and timeliness are priorities. Next flight out services are a sub-service for hot shot services, and certain same-day deliveries would fall into this category as well. Whenever you need a letter, parcel, or larger shipment delivered immediately, hot shot courier services are the way to go.

Province-Wide Daily Runs

Province-wide daily runs are a courier service that can manage less urgent shipments. Courier companies will have warehouses dedicated to housing your shipments until they are ready for delivery. In this sense, this service is very similar to standard postal services. The difference is the guarantee for efficiency and safety for your deliveries. The courier company will take care of all dispatch and warehousing responsibilities, so all you have to do is have your package shipped off, and it will be delivered to any number of major cities across the province.

Messenger Service

Nearly every city-wide delivery can be categorized under a courier’s messenger service. Most couriers will offer various timelines and rates, such as a 4-hour guaranteed delivery window, 2-hour guaranteed window, or even delivery within an hour. Courier companies have employees driving vans, riding bicycles, and even moving about the city on foot. Wherever your message or parcel needs to go, a courier service can ensure it gets there in spite of heavy urban congestion and a busy schedule.

No matter what type of courier service you’re looking for, ‘MC’ Dispatch can meet your needs. Get in touch today.