Types of Interior Design Services

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When most people think of interior design, they think of someone who picks furniture and decorations for a home. However, interior design encompasses a lot more services than that. Read on to learn exactly what your interior designer can do for you.

Colour Consultation

Colour consultation is an important part of an interior designer’s job. Considering colour combinations is always an aspect of the design process, but it can also be an independent service that you hire for if you are still interested in decorating the rest of your home yourself. The colour scheme in a home should be a reflection of your personality and spirit. Being surrounded by the right colours can add a lot of joy to your life and bring peace and harmony into your space. The right colour palette can also improve the flow of energy in your home and feelings of contentment. Mismatching colours can be an expensive and unappealing mistake, so booking a colour consultation before decorating is the perfect way to add a bit of yourself into your home in a tasteful way.

Design of Architectural Plans

Many people don’t realize that interior designers are actually important consultants when designing the architectural plans for a home. They have a unique perspective to offer that can make sure every space is optimized, and no idea is overlooked. Interior designers will have thoughts for flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, fixtures, and more. Every aspect of the architectural design plan can benefit from the opinions of an interior designer. They will consider functionality, aesthetics, and your personality and lifestyle to ensure you end up with a home that suits you best.

Renovation Design

Renovating a home is a big task, and there are a lot of decisions that need to be thought through very carefully. Hiring an interior designer to help with these decisions should be a no brainer. Interior designers will consider your floor plan, colour palette, structural changes, and your overall lifestyle and personality in order to design a home that fits you and will be both functional and pleasing to the eye. Renovating is a great way to make an older home feel more modern, and to add large-scale personal touches that just aren’t possible without this kind of redecoration scale. Interior designers will guide you in the right direction for colours, both interior and exterior decorations, as well as window furnishings, appliances, lighting, flooring, and so much more. After all the work is done, you’ll be left with a home that feels new, inviting, and all yours.

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Feng Shui Consultations

Feng shui consultations can be done both at a home or in an office space. Your space will be optimized for different benefits depending on where you are. Feng shui design for homes will focus on health, wealth, marriage and other partnerships, children, and general family. Feng shui for offices will instead focus on staff, knowledge, benefactors and customers, as well as reputation and career success.

A feng shui consultation will likely begin with a discussion about you and your lifestyle. Your interior designer will make notes about areas that need to be improved and will decide on the best ways to do so. Simple things such as rearranging furniture, decluttering busy spaces, and enhancing overall energy flow are changes that can make a bigger impact on your life and wellbeing than you might expect. While feng shui takes some training to do properly, it is a fairly simple and straightforward process that can dramatically improve your life in many areas.

Redecorating/Redesigning/Refreshing a Space

Redecorating and redesigning a space will incorporate smaller decisions instead of large scale renovation plans. The designer will make use of items you already own to give a room a new look and feel, and will likely add some new features as well. Redecorating can be a great way to make a home feel new and exciting again, and it can leave you feeling differently.

Home additions are also a possibility here for refreshing a space. Living in one home for many years can start to leave you feeling bored and tired. Adding new colours, new furniture and accessories, and even new areas onto your home can make you feel as at-home and full of possibility as you did the day you moved in.

Shopping Trips

It is not uncommon for everyday people to go shopping for new furniture or decorations and leave store after store empty handed and discouraged. Redecorating a home is a daunting task that should not be taken lightly, and that is why interior designers exist. Many homeowners and business owners have trouble envisioning a product in a home, whether it is as large as a new couch or as small as a mirror or art piece. Interior designers have a lot of expertise in this area, and that is why they are so good at their job. You can hire an interior designer to go shopping with you, or give them a solid understanding of what you’re looking for and allow them to go shopping by themselves. They are trained to stick within a budget and make each room look as perfect as possible. Instead of wasting your time, energy, and sanity on shopping trips for interior design elements, let the professionals take care of the work for you.

Holiday Design and Decoration

Decorating for various holidays can become a stressful and expensive endeavor very quickly. When you don’t have an exact vision in mind for your space, you may end up purchasing too many or too few decorations. Interior designers know all the tricks to make every holiday feel special. Whether you are decorating for a popular holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, or you have smaller events like birthdays and baby showers, interior designers have the knowledge and experience to transform your home for any occasion. Plus, they can stick to a budget too.

If any of these decorating services intrigue you, reach out to Flaunt Interiors to learn more or book an appointment.