Benefits of an Inn vs. a Hotel

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While both hotels and motels are more common than inns in current times, there are perks that inns offer that chain locations simply cannot match.

Highly Affordable

Inns are one of the most affordable ways to travel. Since they have low occupancy rates and a very limited staff, you won’t have any of the costs associated with maintaining the property, contributing to wages, or upkeep for amenities. Some inns will even throw in a complimentary breakfast as well.

More Flexible Booking

Since inns are much less busy than hotels, you’ll be more likely to find a date that works with your schedule even when it’s close to your travel dates. Many inns will even be available for drop-ins, so if you need to call it a night earlier than planned, they’ll likely be able to accommodate you last minute.

Photo Of An Inn

Rich Culture

Most inns are located in rural settings, often surrounded by beautiful landscapes and close enough to town to take care of your needs and some sightseeing. Owners are always very friendly and more than happy to give you advice for getting around town. As a result, you get to see the places you visit from the perspective of a native instead of a tourist. You’ll get to see aspects of the culture that you would ordinarily be separate from when staying in a chain hotel. Since inns also have limited occupancies, any guests staying there when you arrive will likely become friends or at least acquaintances, since you’ll have more opportunities to interact.


Inns are the best accommodation choice if you’re looking for a place to stay that is quiet, homey, and comfortable. Owners put a lot of themselves into their inns and they are intended to help you relax in peace and tranquility. You’ll have the opportunity to socialize on a small scale with any other guests staying at the inn, and you’ll develop a friendly relationship with the owner(s) and any minimal staff they may have.

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