Tips for Cleaning a Glass Shower Door

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Glass shower doors are often chosen for the way they can open up small bathrooms and for their elegance and overall stylistic appeal. However, people are often unprepared for the cleaning of this aesthetic element. Improper cleaning of a glass shower door can result in grime build-up and a poor appearance, so follow these daily, weekly, and monthly tips to keep your glass shower door looking its best for years to come.

Daily Cleaning Tips

While the idea of cleaning your glass shower door every day for the rest of time may sound like a very daunting task indeed, it isn’t as extreme as it sounds. There are simple steps you can take after each shower that will help limit the amount of soap scum and hard water deposits that build up on the glass. The first step to take after a shower is to squeegee the entire door. Squeegees are great at removing water and preventing mildew growth. Some people like to use a DIY spray afterward to improve the look of the glass. These sprays typically contain water, vinegar, dish soap, and sometimes drops of essential oils. Finally, you’ll want to make sure the space is well ventilated during and after a shower, whether that is via a bathroom fan, dehumidifier, or window.

Interior of bathroom with shower cabin

Weekly Cleaning Tips

On a weekly basis, you’ll want to do a fuller clean than simply removing the water and ventilating the space. Once a week, it is a good idea to fully scrub down the interior of the glass door, including the nooks and crannies. You can do this a few different ways; magic erasers, dryer sheets, and DIY vinegar cleaners (stronger solution than the daily spray) can all be very effective at removing any built-up water deposits or pathogen growth that the daily cleaning misses.

Monthly Cleaning Tips

Once a month, it is time for the heavy-duty clean. This is the time to remove hard buildups and even do some prevention work. Commercial cleaners should be used here for the most aggressive clean, and a toothbrush will be a great accessory for cleaning the door track and around the handles and rim. After its clean, you can use water repellent sprays to limit future growth.

If you’re up to the task of keeping it clean, you can look into buying your glass shower door here.