Cost of Managed IT Services

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There are a number of different ways you can choose to pay for managed IT services, and the payment style will affect the price of the services.

Monitoring only will be one of the cheaper methods of managed IT services, since it works on a tier system to give your business exactly the level of monitoring it needs. The per-device and per-user payment styles will be the most economical, because they give you a full range of coverage, but you only have to pay for the exact number of devices or employees you need monitored. As devices/users are added or removed, the monthly payment required will be duly adjusted.

A tiered payment model is incredibly common and lists a variety of services in usually 3 bundles. Top-tier bundles will cost more per month but will also include more services. The all-you-can-eat payment model is one that allows you to use a year’s service costs and needs to project what you will need for the upcoming year. This model is great because there will never be any hidden fees, and it is easier to budget. Finally, the a la carte model is pay as needed system. You can create a personalized service bundle or even purchase individual services as you need them.

When it comes to actual prices for these payment styles, there is some variation. Flat-based payment styles will vary greatly for different companies and service packages, so it is impossible to determine an average range. If you are using a per-device plan, you can expect to pay between $6 and $133 per month depending on the services. Per-user plans will be more expensive but are more inclusive, costing $166 to $399 each month. Although these monthly fees may seem expensive, it is much more economical than working on a break it/fix it plan, because you’ll end up paying a lot of money per hour, and you’ll also be charged for travel time.

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