Different Types of Shredders

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Whether for home or office work, the right shredder can make a huge difference in your security and productivity. There are a variety of shredders that perform at different speeds and shred papers differently. Let’s investigate the different types of shredders available for residential and commercial use.

When categorizing paper shredders, we look at their level of security to differentiate the types of cuts they produce. There are 5 levels of security for shredders: P-2, P-3, P-4, P-5, and P-7 (don’t ask what happened to P-6, we don’t talk about it). These security levels are rated basic, secure, confidential, high, and top secret, respectively. Here are the different types of cuts associated with each level of shredder:


The basic P-2 level shredders are the simplest type of cut. These shredders produce 40 spaghetti-like strands of your paper in a vertical linear fashion. This type of shredder is recommended for day-to-day paperwork and junk that doesn’t have any sensitive information.


The secure P-3 level shredders use two sets of blades to shred horizontally and vertically at the same time, producing pieces instead of strips. This shredder cuts your paper into 200 pieces rather than 40, and is meant for any paperwork or mail that contains non-sensitive personal information.

Shredding a paper

Super Cross-Cut

The confidential P-4 level shredders are designed for sensitive personal and business-related documents that require a higher level of security. This shredder produces 400 pieces out of one sheet of paper using the same cross-cut style as P-3 level shredders.


The high P-5 level shredders are best suited to sensitive personal, financial, and strategic information since they cut your page into 2000 pieces using incredible fine cross-cutting blades. This is a popular choice for law firms, medical practices, etc.

High Security

The top-secret P-7 level shredders essentially turn your paper into dust, with 15,600 pieces out of a single page. This shredder is best for top-secret government and military documents and is the highest level available.

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