The Science of Fung Shui

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Fung Shui is an ancient Chinese art that relies on scientific calculations to balance the chi in your home for a more positive space. There are a few key elements to understand when redecorating with respect to Fung Shui.

Commanding Positions

The commanding positions in your home refer to the most important furniture pieces in your home, such as your bed or your desk. Fung Shui suggests that you should be able to see the door when in your commanding positions, but you should not be directly in line with it. The most important rule is to never have your back to the door in your commanding positions.

Vertical Features

According to Fung Shui science, vertical shapes and lines around your home represent and encourage expansion and growth in your life. Vertical features are very easy to achieve with fixtures and décor such as tall foliage, upward-facing lamps, tall bookshelves, a decorative ladder feature for blanket storage, and more.

Declutter the Space

A cluttered room or entryway doesn’t allow for the optimal levels of positive energy since the clutter and mess take up a lot of valuable space in the area. The best practice for maintaining a clutter-free home is to tidy up every day so you can have a fresh, positive, and productive start to your day.

Brown and orange pillows on white bed in natural bedroom interior with wicker lamp and wooden bedside table with vase

Become Obstacle-Free

Ensuring that high-traffic areas in your home, such as the hallway from your bedroom to your bathroom, are free of obstacles is crucially important to positive Fung Shui. The pathways around your home should be clear and efficient to encourage a positive flow in your home.


Adding foliage and metal accents in your home add fresh vitality and clarity and sharpness of thought, respectively. Healthy plants and small decorative bowls and statues are incredibly easy to place around your home.


For more non-Fung Shui-related decorating help, seek professional advice here.

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