Does Waxing Your Car at the Car Wash Do Anything?

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When you take your car to the car wash, there are multiple add-ons available, and one common choice is spray-on wax. It may seem like it doesn’t make a difference, but there are some important benefits. And these benefits go beyond how shiny your will car looks.

What Are the Benefits of Waxing Your Car?

Adding a coat of spray-on wax to your next car wash can do your car a lot of good.

• You can protect your paint with some wax. A waxing schedule can keep your car’s paint looking fresh and act as a barrier between your vehicle and other debris. With a coat of wax, you’re less likely to find dirt or other spots ingrained in the paint.
• Wax can protect your car from the elements. If you park outside for any length of time, the sun can damage the car’s clear coat and bleach parts of the paint. Having a layer of wax can minimize or eliminate sun damage.
• If you find a lot of scratches in your car’s paint, waxing can protect the car’s clear coating. Instead of a scratch on your paint, the wax layer will take the damage instead.

How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

In most cases, waxing your car just twice a year is enough to give your car’s paint the protection it needs. But you may want to adjust that schedule based on several factors.

Weather patterns may convince you to wax more often. If you’re constantly facing sand, rain, road salt, or corrosive elements, adding another coat can be a good idea. If you park in a garage, you can limit your exposure to damage, but getting another wax is a good idea if you park outside and experience spring and summer sap and bird activity.

Ultimately, there is no set amount of car waxes that your vehicle will need, but having a layer of protection is helpful to maintain your car’s looks and longevity. The wax add-on at the car wash can benefit your vehicle, so don’t worry that you’re wasting your money by spraying a coat after a wash.