Is a Self-Service Car Wash Better Than Automatic?

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Some people love to wash their car, and for others, it’s their most hated chore. It’s a necessity for car owners, so no matter where you fall on the love-hate spectrum, you want a car wash that’s going to give your car a deep clean that lasts.

Automatic car washes are at almost any gas station for convenience, but are self-service car washes a better choice?

The Pros of a Self-Service Car Wash

If you’re looking for professional equipment that you know will give you the best clean, you’ll find it at a self-service car wash. You control the washing process and can target the hard-to-reach places that automatic car washes ignore.

Focus on the undercarriage, your rims, and the dirt that finds its way behind your side mirrors – these are the places an automatic wash will miss. Not only that, but you can also control the final wax, allowing you to target the areas that need it most.

The Cons of a Self-Service Car Wash

Not all self-serve car washes are equal in terms of equipment quality. Quality car washes invest in high-grade equipment that won’t damage your vehicle while still being easy to use.

One unavoidable part of self-service car washes is the time it takes to do it. Going through an automatic car wash is fast, which is an appealing feature. The time you invest in cleaning all the grimy spots on your vehicle, especially if it’s a large truck or SUV, can add up.

Bottom Line

In the end, personal preference for automatic or self-service car washes should drive your choice. Whether you value the deep clean of a self-service wash or the time-saving automatic wash, trying both and finding your favourite is the only way to make a decision and stop disliking taking your car for a wash.