Foods to Avoid for Tooth and Gum Health

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While we all love to eat and often think more about how our foods will affect our physique than our overall oral health, there are certain foods/food groups that can negatively affect the health of our tooth and gum health. They include carbonated soft drinks, sticky candies, starchy foods, and those that will dry out your mouth.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

For the younger age groups especially, carbonated soft drinks are the leading source of added sugar in an individual’s diet. Excess sugar, especially in this form, is damaging to our oral health on its own, but these drinks often also contain phosphoric acid and citric acid. These compounds wear down tooth enamel and can increase the incidence of cavities and sensitive teeth.

Photo Of Canned Soft Drinks Beside Glass

Sticky Candies

Sticky candies are the worst kind of sweet treat for our mouths. They stick to our teeth and gum lines often take quite a while to completely clear out of the mouth. This extended time sitting on our teeth increases the number of bacteria that can grow (their favorite food is sugar, after all) and can increase the risk of cavities if it is not cleared from our teeth and gum lines properly.

Starchy Foods

Foods that are rich in starch, like white bread and potato chips, are ones that can easily get stuck in the grooves of our teeth and between our teeth. Trapped materials are breeding grounds for bacteria that contribute to cavities and poor gum health.

Foods/Drinks That Dry Out Your Mouth

There are things we consume that can result in a dry mouth, and this can have a negative impact on our oral health. Some medications are guilty of doing this, which is fairly unavoidable. However, substances like alcohol also dry out the oral cavity, so it’s best to avoid consuming a lot on a regular basis without supplementing with a lot of water to replenish water stores. A dry mouth can increase the amount of plaque on your teeth and even lead to mouth sores.

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