How to Decide What IT Services Are Worth Paying For

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When it comes to choosing IT services, the choice can be challenging. Every business has a different setup with varying requirements for IT management, as well as completely unique budgets. Here’s how to choose what IT services you need, and how to determine if they’re worth paying for.

IT Consulting

Every kind of business needs tech support if they wish to expand. Technology is incredibly useful no matter what type of business you run or how large your company is. Professional IT consulting is beneficial for a number of reasons, including data security, customer satisfaction, maintaining a modern IT landscape, and reducing your expenses. An IT consultant will help you with a variety of services including project and program management, strategy and planning, cost optimization, and risk management. Each of these services will be incredibly valuable for your business and will save you money in the long run by streamlining your business operations, staying one step ahead of your competitors, and providing a customer experience that results in loyalty and better sales.

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Cyber Security Services

Cyber security services protect your business from online threats, fraud, and loss. The most common services provided include consulting, penetration testing, network security monitoring, and vCISO. Without cyber security services, your and your customers’ information is at risk of being stolen, your network is vulnerable to attack, and your entire system could be compromised. For this reason, cyber security is one of the IT services you should always spend the money on since it so important for the safety of sensitive business and client information.

24/7 IT Support

In-house IT services can be costly, but you also have the option of hiring a remote IT service that is more affordable than in-house employees. Unless your business is an IT company, you’ll most likely need to invest in 24/7 IT support. This service includes hardware support and troubleshooting, software support and troubleshooting, new employee setup on the company infrastructure, hardware setup and upgrades, software setup and upgrades, remote support, proactive maintenance, hardware failure response and replacements, and on-call customer service support to answer any questions and address concerns.

Cloud and Server Hosting

Cloud and server hosting services are a very affordable service that a large majority of small, medium, and large businesses find worthy of the cost. Your business can’t run without data, so protecting and storing that data are two essential elements of cloud and server hosting services that every business must look into. Though there are free options that very small businesses can get away with, most will need professional hosting. These services include data storage and backup in case of a disaster, scalable storage solutions that easily grow with your company, server data recovery, remote/offsite managed IT services, and round-the-clock problem resolution.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery services are a great idea, and most businesses find that they are worth the cost since getting caught with your pants down can destroy your entire business, not to mention put your clients at risk as well. The first thing that will be done upon activating disaster recovery services is an evaluation of your vulnerabilities, risk, and current infrastructure. Then, a disaster recovery plan will be put in place so that you can anticipate and react to disasters. This means minimal to no downtime in the event of an emergency, regular data backups to protect all of your business information, and a detailed plan of action that saves an incredible amount of time recovering data and getting back on track. Most companies charge for this service on an ongoing monthly basis, so it is an affordable service regardless of your business size and is highly recommended.

Networks and Telecommunications

Networks and telecommunications services are not a necessary service, and many businesses find that their more basic phone and internet connections work for their needs. This service is most commonly enjoyed by larger companies and government bodies with higher demands for their internet and a much greater number of employees operating on a phone line. Networks and telecommunications services include network monitoring and support (which eliminates the need – and cost – of in-house IT), mobile device management for employee flexibility and safety of stolen devices, VOIP and PBX telecommunications systems for efficiency, connectivity, and affordable telecommunications long-distance or internationally.

Planning and Compliance

Planning and compliance services are less necessary, but they can help ensure that your IT processes and infrastructure is set up properly and working efficiently for your needs so that your business can meet its goals. Planning and compliance services include IT project management, which makes it easier for your team to evolve along with new technologies while focusing on important day-to-day duties, as well as IT auditing to ensure your processes are in tip-top shape, and IT planning to ensure that all hardware, software, and IT infrastructure is efficient and aligned with company goals.

Managed IT Services

Of course, you can also choose to set up managed IT services for your business that handles all of these services for you. Managed IT services include all of the above-mentioned services so you can pay one small fee and enjoy the benefits of every service available to you. This way, you don’t have to think about if you’re missing out on a service that your business needs just because you don’t know it exists. By choosing managed IT services for your company, you will enjoy cost savings while putting your business’s IT needs first. Your managed services provider makes sure that your business is in good shape when it comes to your IT infrastructure, data security and storage, policy management, network security, telecommunications, and a lot more.

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