How to Reduce Information Risk in the Workplace

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No matter how careful a company is, or how securely they protect their data, there is always the risk for information to get leaked either intentionally or by accident. There are three main ways this can happen: on paper, via online threats, or by employees.

Paper Risk

Although many modern companies mainly have computer-based records, there are still hard copies of sensitive documents that come with a level of risk. There is information that should not be able to leave the workplace, and paper copies of documents are an easy way for information to escape the confines of the building. To reduce the risk of this information getting out on your paper documents, it is a good idea to always shred your documents securely before recycling them, or hire a professional shredding company to do it for you.

Technology Risk

With the structure of modern-day businesses, the greatest threats to information security come from online or computer-based content. Hackers can gain access to a staggering amount of information in a short time, so it is important to build up your security properly to prevent this as much as possible. You should have backups of information in separate locations, and ensure everything is password protected with sophisticated passwords. A company’s websites, online banking information, email, and social media accounts should also be securely monitored and accessible to as few individuals as possible.

Employee Risk

With every kind of business, you will have some security risks stemming from the employees themselves. Certain employees will have access to sensitive information about the company and the people that work there, and this information can always be distributed without consent. While there isn’t much you can do to mitigate the risks associated with employees, it is a good idea to password-protect online documents where necessary, keep sensitive documents in locked cabinets and separate from the mainstream records, and have employee numbers that you can use to track activity in order to create some accountability and personal responsibility in your employees.

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