How to Decorate a Small Space to Make it Feel Bigger

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While it may seem counterintuitive, small spaces can actually be easier to decorate than larger ones. This is because you require fewer pieces to pull the room together (less risk of clashing and over decorating), and they are easier to organize. Although small spaces have their benefits, here are some tips that experts recommend to make a small space feel just a little bit bigger.

  1. Say Goodbye to Clutter. There is nothing worse for a small space than having stuff everywhere. This makes the space feel cramped and busy. Instead, hide things behind doors and inside shelves, and just remove anything that doesn’t need to be there. You’ll be amazed at how open it feels after this simple step.
  2. Create More Floor Space. When you can see more of the floor in a small room, it looks much larger than its square footage would lead you to believe. To accomplish this effect, place large, tall pieces against any open walls instead of in the middle of the floor, and choose shorter furniture pieces like ottomans and low tables for the center of the room.
  3. Be Careful with Your Colors. It is recommended that you choose a neutral color scheme for small spaces to encourage a more open aesthetic. Stay away from vibrant paint colors, and choose decorative elements that are softer in hue, such as light blue and green. Matching your furniture pieces to your wall color is also a good idea to blend the space and prevent a jarring appearance.
  4. Light, Light, Light. One of the most important things to make a small space feel more open is to let in the light. Avoid heavy draperies, and use sheer curtains to add some aesthetic appeal. If you don’t get a lot of natural light, take advantage of recessed lighting and track lighting to eliminate shadows.
  5. Add Reflective Pieces. One last thing you can do to open up your space is to add a mirror or two. A full-length mirror against a wall or a reflective tabletop can do a lot to expand the room without actually knocking down any walls.

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