Secure Recycling of Confidential Information

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Sensitive information can become a major liability, so it’s critical that it is managed appropriately. It is recommended that a company performs regular checks of their documents to ensure that files are not being kept longer than is legally required, as this increases the chances that information can be leaked and potentially harm the company. To keep the company free from liability and information leaks, their system must be kept organized and regimented. There are three main tips to follow when it comes to disposing of secure documents in a professional setting.

  1. Decide on a Destruction Date.

Since different types of documents need to be disposed of at different times, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Whenever a hard copy of a document is filed, its destruction date should be clearly marked on the box and all of its contents listed. This allows you to easily identify when it is time to get rid of sensitive information without accidentally destroying any content that the company has a legal obligation to keep. Continuing to monitor the status of these files should always be a priority.

  1. Shred; Don’t Recycle.

While many companies may use recycling as their go-to method of getting rid of old documents, these papers can turn into a security risk quite easily. They may be lost during transport and are often left unattended, and in the wrong hands, this sensitive information can become a big issue for the company. Instead, all documents should be shredded to retain privacy expectations.

Businessman shredding documents

  1. Hire a Third Party.

Instead of relying on office shredders to securely dispose of information, hiring a third-party company to handle your disposal needs is a much safer option. These companies will securely shred your documents, provide you with a certificate of destruction for each file, and will even recycle the shredded remains for you. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but you can be confident that your information is secure at every stage of the disposal process. Third-party companies also have top-of-the-line shredders, so they can offer you more security than you’d get out of a standard office shredder.