Transform Your Old Car to Feel Brand New

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The start of a new year has a peculiar effect on people. We seem to want a brand new… Well, a brand new EVERYTHING! We get gym memberships, start diets, buy new clothes, and dream of bigger homes and fancier cars.

Well, if you have the itch to buy a new vehicle, but don’t have it in the budget, we have 3 big tips to help you transform your old beater into a brand-new car.

Get a Tune-Up

For the month of January, plan to allocate a part of your monthly budget to cover any repairs & maintenance that you’ve been putting off. Say “goodbye” to any old rattles, clangs, or bangs!

Ask your mechanic to take the time to also:

  1. Replace your car’s filters and deodorize your air conditioning unit.
  2. Align your wheels and check the brakes.
  3. Give your car an oil change.
  4. Flush & replace all other fluids (like power-steering, transmission, and brake fluids).
  5. Perform a check for anything else amiss.
  6. Check the suspensions.

PRO TIP: Throw in an air freshener. Something so small can make a big difference. Companies even make fresheners that have a “new car” scent.

Detail the Inside

Make getting into the car more enjoyable by detailing the inside. This is a relatively affordable service that you can hire a pro to do, but you can also do it yourself!

If you decide to take on the job yourself, we have a few tips to make sure your car is squeaky clean:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt and gravel. We recommend purchasing a small, handheld vacuum instead of lugging around a full-sized vacuum.
  • Use sticky “slime” or a small brush to dust off the vents.
  • Use a leather or upholstery cleaner to restore the seats.
  • Don’t forget about the inside of your windows! Get rid of streaks with a window cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Wash the Outside

And finally, start this new year right by washing the outside of your vehicle so it feels sleek, shiny, and brand-spanking new.

Here are three ways to get the best clean.

#1 Rinse, Wash, Rinse

Before you put any products on your car, give it a good rinse first. This will remove major particles, like dirt and grit, so that when you lather soap onto the surface you won’t damage the paint. Never go right for the suds—you’ll regret it when there are scratches all over!

When you’re washing, use small, circular motions to get the best results. Then finish off with another rinse!

#2 Top to Bottom

While you’re rinsing & washing, we recommend starting from the top and finishing at the bottom. Any other approach will mean that the dirt will get spread around and you won’t get a proper clean.

#3 Dry Properly

Once your car is ready to dry, make sure you do it right! Don’t let your car air dry outside in the sun. That’ll result in water spots. 

Instead, use a microfiber cloth and dry the car from (you guessed it) top to bottom. 

Visit a Hughes location for the perfect place to detail and wash your car!