What Do Home Nurses Do?

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Home nurses are a necessary health care sector for a number of reasons, though the main motivations when choosing a home nurse are independence and regular health maintenance. Home nurses perform a wide variety of tasks in their day-to-day functions and are as involved with the families of their patients as they are with their patients themselves. Since not all nursing positions are equal, let’s discuss the different demands of the job for different types of nurses.

Nurse Assistants

Nursing assistants are the ideal choice if you, your elderly parent, or elderly grandparent need help with mobility around the home, such as getting in and out of bed, bathing, and managing stairs. They also assist with ALDs (bathing, grooming, toileting, etc.) and take and monitor vital signs when needed. Nurse assistants will report any health concerns regarding the patient to their supervising RN in case further treatment is required.

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Licensed Vocational Nurses

Licensed nurses can tackle all of the duties of a nurse assistant as well as handle wound care, dressing changes, intravenous infusions, and medication administration in patients who cannot remember to take their medications. These nurses also report to a supervising RN in case further medical attention or assistance is needed.

Registered Nurses

A registered nurse can perform any health and medical tasks that the patient requires. Along with the duties of licensed nurses and nurse assistants, registered nurses can perform head-to-toe assessments, develop a care plan for the patient with their physician and their family, and draw labs for in-depth analysis.

Choosing the Right Nurse for Your Family Member

Everyone has unique needs and medical issues that require varying forms of treatment and monitoring. No matter how much help your parent or grandparent needs, you’ll find a suitable home nurse here.

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