What Do Managed IT Services Include?

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There are a number of services that every IT service provider should include in their packages. If they aren’t included, it may be worth looking into better companies that provide high quality managed IT services like Netcotech.

  1. Cyber security is what helps protect your computers against viruses and hacks. This protection will include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, and file level encryption. All of these components will make up the final plan for cyber security.
  2. Infrastructure Management/Support. Administration needs aren’t the most exciting aspect of managed IT services, but they are essential to the functioning of a business. This service will include things like server and storage maintenance, network administration, and the resolution of standard network problems.
  3. Helpdesk Support. It may surprise you to learn how many companies do not have a way to get in touch with their IT services provider when they need. At minimum, you’ll want support available during your operating hours, and that support should include phone, email, and chat communications. Some service companies will provide 24/7 support, but if your business is not operating 24/7 it isn’t worth the additional fees.
  4. Network Monitoring/Maintenance. Network vulnerabilities can have disastrous consequences on productivity and efficiency. It is therefore important that your IT service provider has your network under constant supervision. Tracking suspicious activity and resolving any problems are the minimum requirements for proper network maintenance.
  5. Data Backup and Recovery. Disasters happen, and even something as simple as a power outage can greatly affect a company’s ability to function. Inclement weather and data leaks are other sources of harm for a business. It is imperative that your IT services provider has plans in place to keep your business functional during difficult situations, and they should also have backups of all of your data on their servers in case it cannot be recovered on site for any reason.
  6. Policy Development/Implementation. Since no business, especially in the online world, stays static forever, it is important that your service provider is willing to work with to develop and implement new policies to help your company grow. Proper documentation for all changes and renewals should also be provided.

While these services should be minimums offered by your managed IT services provider, they provide a great backbone for determining whether you are dealing with a reputable company or not.

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