When to Choose Glass Railings

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There are a variety of scenarios that would make glass railings the best option for your home. They have many benefits over traditional railing styles, but some cons too. If you don’t mind the extra maintenance and don’t need the highest-durability material in the world, glass railings may be right for you.

Glass railings are chosen most often with people want an unobstructed view off their balcony or elevated deck. When you are surrounded by nature, there is nothing more disruptive than a solid wood beam directly across your line of vision. Glass railings eliminate the interference and give you the perfect place to enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.

Glass railings are also incredibly appealing to the eye, and highly customizable, so if you are wanting a railing material that can add more to your home than functionality, glass railings are the way to go. The aluminum components of the glass railing can come in any color you desire, so you can match them to the other design elements in the home effortlessly. You also have the opportunity to add a colored shade. This can alter the aesthetic and make your glass railings more versatile.

Glass railings are also incredibly safe. They will never produce splinters like traditional wood railings, and if they ever do break from extreme pressure (falling tree, collision of some sort) the railing will shatter into safe pieces, similar to car windows. This is meant to protect you from being cut by glass, and the railings serve the same function. Even if you have kids at home, glass railings can help improve the safety of your home while maintaining its beautiful appearance.

Whether you want glass railings for your deck, stairs, balcony, or as decorative elements elsewhere in or around your home, you’ll get everything you want out of them.

If you think glass railings are right for your home, book a consultation today.

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