Most Popular Design Elements Used for Headstones

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Choosing the right style and design elements to memorialize your loved one aren’t always easy decisions to make, so we’ve gathered some of the more popular choices to help make your decision easier in a difficult time.

Headstone Style

  • Flat Headstone: Flat headstones are incredibly customizable. They can be made with a variety of colors, finishes, and materials, and you can choose essentially any size you want. This allows each family to design the best memorialization of their loved one without delving into the more complicated design elements.
  • Kerbed Headstone: Kerbed headstones are full-length and are the best for leaving personalized messages. They provide a family a lot of room to expand beyond a name, date, and short phrase. The families that wish to leave a more inclusive reminder of their loved one choose this style most often.
  • Cremation Bench: Cremation benches are a lovely way to memorialize a loved one without using a traditional headstone. These are chosen most often for those who were incredibly caring and empathetic in life since their life can be shared with more people and they add some style to a memorial garden.

Headstone Finish

  • Polished/Part-Polished: You have the option to fully polish a stone or just polish the inscription and epitaph. This will reduce maintenance needs and give the stone a shiny finish. This is ideal for loved ones who enjoyed keeping a nice home.
  • Honed: Honed headstones are those that are smooth but non-reflective. This finish is used to provide depth to multi-colored stones and is the best choice for loved ones who enjoyed being social and thrived on attention from others.

Headstone Design

  • Cross Shape: A cross shape design is the perfect way to memorialize a loved one who strongly believed in their faith. It can be a great comfort to religious family members left behind, as well.
  • Heart Shape: The heart shape design is increasingly popular, and is often used to memorialize a loved one that exhibited a lot of positivity in life and prioritized family connection above all else.
  • Book Shaped: The book shape design for headstones is also gaining popularity, and is chosen often for its uniqueness. Families often decide on this design for loved ones who were open to the world and loved to expand their knowledge.

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