Top Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

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Managed IT services bring many benefits to the companies/businesses/organizations that employ them. While they aren’t all financial benefits, those are often the biggest driver for decision-making in the business world. As a result, let’s dive into the top financial benefits of managed IT services.

Increased User Productivity

Since nearly every business nowadays is reliant on computer connectivity, downtime can drastically impact the overall productivity of a company. Not only are network issues frustrating for employees and employers alike, but they are also costly to the organization. Employing a company that can handle all IT services not only improves user productivity (85% less downtime on average), it also will save the business a lot of money. Who is going to turn that down?

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Reduced Infrastructure Expenses

It costs money to handle IT needs in-house. Not only will you have less hardware on-site, but you will be saving space and the money required to power it all. As if that isn’t enough, you’ll also save money on training and consultants when you hire a single provider to take care of all your IT needs remotely.

Increased IT Staff Productivity

While the employment of a provider for IT management does not nullify a business’ needs for in-house IT support, it does take a lot of the work off the shoulders of those employees. With a separate company handling the majority of the day-to-day IT problems and maintenance, the in-house staff can remain focused on their core responsibilities and not waste time fixing malfunctioning equipment or handling user issues.

Predictable Monthly Costs and a Low Initial Investment

The initial investment for managed IT services is essentially zero. Since you don’t have the responsibility of purchasing equipment, that is thousands of dollars in savings right there. You also won’t have to pay someone to update all of the equipment, as this is included in your monthly fees. That leads us into the predictability of managed IT services. Every month, you will know exactly what you are spending to keep your business running smoothly. There are no extra or hidden costs, so you’ll be able to rely on your budget and spend your savings on other important business investments.

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